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Whitney Navy Revolvers Subject Of Book


The Whitney Navy Revolver, by Daniel E. Williams, Jr., is a reference of the models and types made by Eli Whitney, Jr. from 1857 to 1866.

Whitney revolvers were in use before the Civil War, and many were purchased to use during the war. According to the author, they were perhaps the first “solid frame” pistols to go into production, and modifications turned them into very sturdy weapons with numerous improvements over other weapons of that time.

This book, a result of a two-year research project, provides information on the various models and types of the Whitney Navy revolver. A thorough description, along with photographs, is included for each model.

The book also includes a short history on the use of the Whitney revolvers during the Civil War, with photographs of both Union and Confederate soldiers, in addition to a history of Whitney firearms in general.

The Whitney Navy Revolver, 1857-1866, (ISBN: 978-0-7643-4249-3), in hardback, is priced at $45. Check with your local bookseller or see Schiffer Publishing’s online catalog at www.schifferpublishing­.com.

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Traveling In An Airstream A Popular
Way To See The Sights


It’s that time of year when RVs hit the road by the tens of thousands. And none are more recognizable than the iconic Airstream travel trailer with its rounded sides and shiny silvery aluminum exterior.

RVing is not a new thing. It was well established by the 1920s. Wally Bryan, the inventor/designer of the Airstream, entered the RV market in the 1930s. He recognized the growing popularity of what was called “auto camping.” He also noticed that the travel trailer brands on the market all had a similar boxy appearance. And he noted the sleek and shiny fuselage of that new and exciting transportation vehicle that was appearing more and more often in the skies. Bryan used this observation when he entered the RV market with his Airstream travel trailer, with its streamlined bullet design that would stand out from the pack.

Authors John Braun­kowski and Michael Closen have told the story of the Airstream in a 2012 Schiffer publication titled Airstream Memories. The book is illustrated with 425 pieces of Airstream memorabilia, most of which are postcards and advertising materials. These items tell the story visually of Airstream’s history, rallies, international connections, look-alikes, and more.

Airstream Memories (ISBN: 978-0-7643-4163-2) contains a value guide. It is priced at $24.99 and is available at local bookstores or from Schiffer Publishing. See the online catalog at

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Currier And Ives Scenes
Reproduced On Dinnerware

The Currier and Ives company, which can be traced back to the middle of the 19th century, is still well-known today for its lithographs of life in early America. The original prints, which were hand colored by a team of women (each woman did just one color and then passed it on to the next person,) were sold by the hundreds of thousands.

Since that time, reproductions of Currier and Ives prints have been used in dozens of ways. The Royal China Company, of Sebring, Ohio, utilized excerpts from several of these prints when they produced their Currier and Ives line of dinnerware in 1949.

It was originally made in six colors: blue, black, brown, gray, green and pink, and some pieces had multi-colors. Blue was the color that caught the buyers’ attention, and today that is the color most people associate with Royal China’s Currier and Ives line. It sold well for the company for 20 years.

In 1969, the Royal China Company was sold to Jeannette Glass, which discontinued the line (along with other popular Royal China lines such as Colonial Homestead, Bucks County and the Old Curiosity Shop.)

However, due to customer demand, the Currier and Ives line was reintroduced in 1975, with some changes. The previous scroll border was eliminated from the design, but the center scenes were left the same. There were also some new items introduced at this time.

The pieces of Royal China’s Currier and Ives are all pictured in Currier and Ives Dinner­ware, by Debbie and Randy Coe, along with a value guide for each piece. Histories of both the Currier and Ives Company and the Royal China Company are also included.

Also shown in the book are examples of some “go-withs”, such as glassware made by Anchor Hocking, McKee, and Hazel Atlas.

Currier and Ives Dinnerware (ISBN:978-0-7643-4949-2), softback, is published by Schiffer. It is priced at $19.99. For an autographed copy, write to the authors at Coe’s Mercantile, PO Box 173, Hillsboro, OR 97123. The book is available online through the Schiffer catalog at, or check with your local bookseller.

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Star Wars Toys Around The World

This particular Yoda is a Disney/MGM 18-inch latex toy. It is valued at $45 by the author.

“A Super Collector’s Wish Book” is the sub-title of Star Wars Toys, written by Geoffrey T. Carlton. It is a Schiffer publication and assembles in one place all the toys from that galaxy far, far away.

The toys range from action figures and their vehicles to yo-yos. Over 8,600 color photos include all the toys, from the every-day variety to the rare, from all around the globe, in one volume. Values are included for each item shown. (And if you have hopes of collecting them all, may the force be with you!)

Star War Toys (ISBN: 978-0-7643-4160-1), in hardback, is priced at $39.99. Check with your local bookseller or see Schiffer’s online catalog at