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Bright Iridescent Gold
Best Of Quezal Glass

Quezal glass was made in the first 25 years of the 20th century, and is frequently considered to be an imitation of the Tiffany glass of that period. The similarities are not surprising, since the company was founded by former Tiffany employees.

It was named after the quezal, the national bird of Guatemala, which was noted for its golden green iridescent coloring.

The most outstanding color of Quezal glass was a bright iridescent gold; the rich shade is sometimes compared to the color of a fresh egg yolk.

Lampshades and vases were the chief products of the factory. Quezal’s jack-in-the-pulpit vases are usually considered to be of especially high quality.

Quezal pieces are frequently marked. The marks were usually applied with an aluminum pencil applied over an engraved signature. Time has often erased the aluminum, however, and the faint engraving may be difficult to see.

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Collection of nautical antiques is a time-honored pastime, but it can be a definite challenge to find some of the unusual items. If you’re lucky, you might find fiddleheads, blubber pots, bathometers, shark walking sticks, sawn shots or a rhumboscope.

The waterways of the world have provided vast numbers of wonderfully collectible stuff.


OK. I’ll save you looking up rhumboscope. The rhumbs represented the 32 compass points on a marine chart. The rhumboscope was used to find a position on the chart.

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