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Nothing New About This Kind Of Frog

You may have seen, or been given with a drink in it, a mug that has a frog In the bottom of it – only visible when the mug has been emptied. And probably your first reaction might be that this is somebody’s new idea of a practical joke. You might be right in thinking it’s a new mug. But you’re definiltely centuries off the mark if you think it’s a new idea.

Frog mugs were made by Brunton and Com­pany and several others in England as early as 1750. And from the start, they were made for export to Europe and America.

The outsides were decorated with scenic views, famous buildings, battles, amusing rhymes and even some political activities. A few had frogs climbing up the sides.

You probably won’t be able to find one of these old frog mugs – even those from the 19th century are rare – but maybe knowing they’ve been around for so long will enable you to make some sarcastic remark to anyone who tries to trick you with one, along the lines of “this old joke.”

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No Power Charger Needed For These

In this day of the Kindle and the Nook, it may appear that the days of printed books are numbered. We’re probably a long way away from that situation, however. I’m remembering that it was said that computers would turn us in to a paperless society, and yet the amount of paper in use in all sorts of ways seems only to multiply.

Meanwhile, those who love books continue to treasure old books, and collectors have lots of choices from which to choose. Most who collect books choose to specialize. Specializations may include first editions, author-signed books, those with illustrations by selected artists, children’s books, miniature books, old school books (“See Spot Run”) or subject matter.

Most antique shops will have at least a few old books. Even if you aren’t a collector of old books, check them out. You might also find a great old book that goes with another collection.

And remember, you don’t need to carry a power cord to keep your old books charged.

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Elaborate Vest Chains Worn
On Dark Outfits

The Victorian gentleman wore black. His suits, overcoats and hats were all of this same color. However, he offset this stark look with elaborate accessory pieces. One such was the vest chain.

Vest chains consisted of two long chains fastened together by a ring. This ring held a short chain with a bar at the end, which slipped into a buttonhole in the vest.
One end of the long chain held a watch which slipped into a pocket on one side of the vest. The other end held a variety of vest accessories.

For the smoker, one vest accessory would have to be a cigar cutter. If he could afford it, it would be made of gold.

There were also metal toothpicks (again, of gold, if possible.) The toothpick would screw into a handle and be competely enclosed while it was carried.

Pencils and pens of gold or silver would also be attached to the vest chain. So were charms representing a profession, hobby or fraternal organization.

Any well-dressed gentleman had these necessary items at his fingertips, ready to use or just display, as the occasion demanded

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