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Wooden Toys For Toddlers
Made In Portland

Towner Toys was a Portland, Oregon, company that specialized in making good wooden toys. It was located on NE 42nd Street and run by Mr. and Mrs. Towner Phillips. It was in business from 1946 until sometime in the 1960s, and published its first catalog in 1947. The catalog advertised that they made “good wood toys” with “action-color-sound,” according to an online article by Richard Mueller Jr.

Many of the toys were pull toys for toddlers, such as Piggy Goes to Market, Totruk, Puddle Pup, and Duckiduck. Other toys for toddlers include push toys, such as the Jingle Wheel; there was also a hobby horse called Clatter Horse.

Unless totally worn away by child play, you should be able to find the company name on these toys.

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Some Goebel Marks Help Identification

The W. Goebel Porzellanfabrik, of Rodental, Germany, has made a wide variety of objects in porcelain and other ceramics. The most well known of these is the line of Hummel figurines. The following partial list may be helpful in identifying other Goebel piece from other Goebel lines. It is from Luckey’s Hummel Figurines & Plates.

The factory usually places a one, two or three-letter prefix, along with a mold number identifying the item, for all lines except the Hummels. (When letters are used on Hummel pieces, they will follow the mold number, rather than precede it.)

KF – Whimsical Figurine
Rob – Taken from designs by Janet Robson
MH – Madonna
HX – Religious Figurines
Byj –Taken from designs by Charlot
Byj FF – Free standing figurine
Spo – Taken from designs by Marias Spotl
Rock – Taken from designs by Norman Rockwell

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Wool Winders

A niddy noddy was the name given to a short wooden rod with a crosspiece at each end set at right angles, used for winding wool in earlier days. Also used for this purpose was a swift, a contraption with two revolving wheels in a frame.

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