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Baltimore Pottery Co. Ventured Into Art Line

The Edwin Bennett Pottery, founded in Baltimore in 1846, was primarily a commercial establishment manufacturing such items as kitchenware, jugs and crocks. During a brief period, however, from 1894 to the early 20th century, it branched out into the art pottery field. Its “Albion” line was introduced in 1895. These pieces were of green clay, covered with a clear glaze.

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Three-D Needlework Gave Ornate Results

Stumpwork was a type of three-dimensional needlework that became popular in the late 17th century. Figures or designs were first worked on linen. Then they were stuffed with pads of wool and appliqued to an embroidered satin background.This stuffing made the design stand out.

Other embroidery work was added until the picture was quite ornate. In addition, beads or other bits of fabric were also frequently worked into the design.

The pictures that remain have so many similar details that it is probable there were either printed patterns available or the white satin backgrounds were sold with the designs already drawn on.

In addition to pictures, stumpwork survives in the form of decorated mirror frames and a variety of colored boxes.

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Column Figure

A caryatid is a female figure, usually Grecian, that is used as a column. It first appeared in architecture, and later, in furniture and candlesticks.

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