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Atlantic Cable Fosters Design

One of the popular pieces of pattern glass made during the 1860s was called Cable. It was quite simple in design. A variant of this, Cable with Ring, was also made abut the same time.
The design was made to recognize the successful completion of the Atlantic Cable.
Other souvenirs were also available to help the buying public recognize and remember this important event. There were snuffboxes, handkerchiefs, pipes and a variety of glass and china novelties.

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Demijohn Bottle Wrapped In Wicker

A demijohn is a large narrow-necked bottle enclosed in wickerwork or a wooden box. It was used for holding either vinegar or rum. Demijohns were usually of green or brown glass.

Carboys were even larger. Usually made of green glass, they also were used to transport liquids such as vinegar. Wickerwork or wooden boxes again served as protection during shipping.

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