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Releases Data On Top Selling Trends


The latest results from the Asheford Institute of Antiques survey of buying trends within the antiques and collectibles community were recently published online.

The survey concentrated on compiling and grouping information related to customer’s buying habits during 2016.

Carlee Jackson, the school’s public relations director, stated that the main goal of the survey was to measure the interest in current trends, based on actual sales results and requests for specific items. She noted that while the survey was informal in nature, and not predicated on scientific formulas, the results were still quite compelling when viewed in their entirety.

“What we’re seeing is a strong change in direction when it comes to certain areas of the decorative arts. It’s not just Mid-century Modern that’s moving, but a number of other areas are making up ground.” She noted that interest in 1960s and 1970s collectibles, particularly space and Star Wars related items, had also risen sharply.

Aside from the popularity of Mid-century modern furniture, many younger dealers from the survey noted that literally anything 20th century, from brutalist metal sculptures to lesser known painters had become increasingly sought after by both dealers and collectors.

Older dealers also indicated that there were other areas of the market that were beginning to show renewed interest, particularly in the area of Greek and Egyptian revival styles - especially when done in stone and marble. A longtime dealer from Quebec said some of his Victorian marble-top side tables, which hadn’t moved in years, were suddenly flying out the door.

Readers wanting to view the full results of the Institute’s survey can find them online at the school’s Student News page:

Submitted by Charles Green, director, Asheford Institute of Antiques. See the ad in this issue of Old Stuff.